Who is french montana dating

I didn’t come up in that type of stuff [reality TV]. And when I left the relationship I was supposedly looked at as the craziest stupid person. The thing is, when I dated Wayne we were just real young. I am not going to be in anything for nobody, honey. Almost gotten married, almost thought I was having a kid. Wayne is a very great person and he never did anything wrong to me.

And despite showcasing the snapshot Rose shared on Instagram (see above), the online publication conveniently makes no mention of her caption, which says, “My Muf*ckin Bruva.” In other words, the webloid wants readers to believe Rose is dating someone she considers to be a brother to her.

It’s also worth noting that the site doesn’t even have the pals’ history right.

” It’s even speculated, “This could be part of Rose’s last-ditch effort to find love,” because she’s supposedly “desperate for dates.” But it’s Radar Online that’s desperate.

The disreputable outlet took photos and built a false story around them.

What French learned from dating Khloe and others like her, is that his music takes a backseat to the attention given to the “high-profile” relationship.

“Someone who’s always in the spotlight I feel like it takes the focus from what you do. The moment you let the water in it’s like the outside world.Related: Amber Rose Relives Terrifying Home Invasion, ‘I Cried All Day Long’ “There’s a million fake stories out there about me and I usually don’t give a s—,” she explained. Associate me with this guy, that guy, I’m a horrible person, blah blah f—— blah, whatever, but, there was a story that came out recently that when I host clubs and parties, that I tell them to not play my ex’s music.” Amber dated Kanye West and was married to and had a child with rapper Wiz Khalifa. “It gets very frustrating because regardless of me and them not being together anymore, I’m still kind of like a fan of their music so I don’t hold grudges, I don’t feel any type of way about that.But yeah, it was all over the internet and it was like this crazy story that every single blog and website picked it up and I’m just like, this is ridiculous and it’s untrue. In a relationship, I am the person that you are not going to be thinking I am. I am the Trina that is so great, that you are so much of a f*ck boy you mess it up. If I was to do that, you would probably see a side of me that will people would not think that would be me. We weren’t mature enough to be in a full relationship. If I was one of these rappers, I’d be trying to get the Kardashians to get their large and loyal fan bases to buy some of this music.

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