Wrt54g not updating dyndns

But I will say that I am not sure what you hope to accomplish with your setup. It's an earlier version of the ddns updater used in Gargoyle implemented in shell script instead of C.

It does not sound like your Gargoyle box has a public IP address since it is behind another router you have. It took months to get the thing accepted into Open Wrt, and the process was so frustrating that I decided to never bother submitting anything upstream again (though anyone is free to submit my code upstream, of course -- I'm just not going to bother after my first bad experience).

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wrt54g not updating dyndns-73

WRT uses a script called ez-ipupdate to update the IP address.

I used to use it when I had a linux box as a router.

It's getting your IP from the IP exposed on the outer router, the one that is registered by a webserver if you connect to it.

You can also set it to "interface", which will obtain an IP your own WAN interface, but if that interface isn't exposed (as in your case) there will be problems, so this is always set to "internet" by default. Like pbix, I too use ddns, and I've had no problems. Still even if the ddns host gets updated correctly there are complications in forwarding ports depending on what exactly the OP intends to do.

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