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It's a known fact that women outnumber men in the power centers of the Northeast: New York, Boston and Washington D. This ratio makes dating, well, feel like you've been thrown in the middle of a boxing ring. Real estate website Trulia is helping NYC singles by providing data on where other singles live.

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Trulia looked at the ratio of single men and women across New York City. Take a cab south of 14th Street, because that's where you'll meet single men.

They subtracted estimates of the gay and lesbian population for this report. If downtown Manhattan isn't your scene, hop on over to parts of Queens, including Long Island City.

I’ve done speed dating a few times and, overall, came out of the process with some dates and revelations. Yes, there are people who are natural flirts and ooze effortless charm, but for many others, flirting is a daunting endeavor.

My own attempts at wooing often fall somewhere in-between clueless and ridiculously absurd.

" Wouldn't it be easier if we all just had fairy godmothers?

In seconds you're pretty enough to catch the eye of your prince charming.

Social Clout: 2,214 likes, 410 followers URL: Bragging Rights: living and dating in L. Jonesie is the name of the host at Awkward Girl in the City.

She is a tall, tasteful and stylish single bouncing around Los Angeles.

Stand out in a city full of other people looking for love."Godddd, what am I doing wrong?

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