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However, I have yet to meet a modern couple who followed ordinary dating without any regrets.

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That changed slowly over time as I began to get so frustrated with my lack of romantic success that the status quo was no longer an option and I finally got motivated to improve that aspect of my life.

The bottom line is that it's entirely about marketing and sales.

Our partnership with DATA180 is indicative of the sea change that’s taking place in higher education.

Institutions are starting to recognize the need to protect and invest in their faculty, and it’s not hard to see why.

The CEA application includes a more detailed description of these beliefs and families applying for acceptance in CEA will be asked to affirm their agreement with them.

The principles presented in the parenting curriculum, Growing Kids God's Way, are closely aligned with CEA's core principles and provide an important foundation for our families as we work together to train our children in biblical character.If you've ever taken a sales class you're going to recognize a lot of what I'm going to say.If you haven't almost all of the core concepts that your finance club or career center taught you about the job search apply here.I figured I'd make this post mostly because it's a topic I enjoy water cooler or barroom talk about, and since people have some strong opinions about this it might lead to something interesting.Besides which a lot of the folks on here who are even younger than I am(or have less experience) might not have to go through what I did before I realized the key ingredients to dating success. The fact that everyone around me had followed the dating pattern was by no means proof of its success.

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